by Kioko Kids


Looking for the most eco-friendly jeans kids items? You found it!  The Kioko denim items are made as eco-friendly and locally as possible.

The denim fibres are made from a maximum amount of recycled postconsumer jeans.

  • Old used jeans were harvested in the city of Antwerp by Circular Textiles.
  • They are shredded and made into new 'Urban fibres' in Flanders.
  • Mixed with tencel and new cotton, the 'Urban fibres' are spun into new yarn by Flemish company ESG Spinning Group near Kortrijk.
  • In order to avoid toxic chemicals Pure Denim fabric is died by the innovative SmartIndigoTM technology in Italy.
  • Dye fixation is done in non harmful natural manner. The natural Chitosan fixation technique perfectly replaces the PVA options used in other denim and as such prevents microplastics leakage when washing.
  • Fabrics are woven at Ital Denim in Italy.
  • We finished the items with handsewn pressbuttons, easy for little kids to open. The five point attachements make sure they are reinforced. By not using regular metal buttons and trims the denim and buttons can easily be recycled after use.