Our take on responsible waste management


Waste is another inevitable element of clothing production. But our mission is to do everything we can to eliminate and eradicate waste in every form.  

We choose our suppliers carefully ensuring they have their own processes, policies and facilities in place aimed at eliminating production waste (such as water or chemical waste).  

We also aim to eliminate waste of materials and fabrics. We will re-use fabrics in a new season in order to do so. We also match prints, cut fabrics manually and save off cuts to use in new styles with smaller pattern pieces.

We always work with our supplier to use the entire fabric roll, reducing excess stock. We use our own left-overs as contrast materials and colours for smaller pieces of garments to prevent waste or to prevent buying trims on roll. 

Our linings aren't organic (yet), however they are Oekotex certified cotton linings left over from the overproduction of luxury brands. We  mix and match them with our own colour pallet.

We collect waste material from the cutting table to create new products or gadgets with a new purpose. We even save and treasure trimming left-overs to offer our customers as a repair service if and when needed.

We eliminate waste througout the supply chain by not packing our goods in plastic bags, but shipping them all together in one giant clean reusable plastic bag. We only use wooden hangers in our shops and throughout transport.