Lot's of colour, but how to make it unharmful?


Chemicals are an essential part of textile production including ours – from the manufacturing of raw material to dyeing, printing, and the final look and function. The challenge is to find more environmentally methods.

Our mission is to minimise and eventually eradicate harm done to human and animal health, the economy and the environment and to avoid toxic chemicals.

In order to do this, every stage of our production process comes under close scrutiny. We choose the chemicals we use very carefully. We’ve significantly reduced and or eliminated harmful chemicals from our production processes by using alternatives such as OEKOTEX and fabrics and materials made and dyed in Europe.

Prints on our fabrics or final garments are done in Belgium under EU regulated standards. Our inks are generally water based.  

In order to make our Trench Coats waterproof, we have to use polyurethaan. However, the coating is done in a fully closed-loop eco-friendly process and no harmful substances ever leave the factory. Our products are also PFC Free and we ensure our waterproof fabric is in line with Green Peace’s initiative.