A business with love for People, Planet and Childhood




Kioko - Inspirational children’s clothing from Belgium. Sustainably and ethically made by us, lovingly worn by your children.

Kioko is Japanese for happiness and the perfect name for our children’s clothing brand which reflects a new attitude towards childhood and kid’s clothing. Colourful, playful, different, Kioko Kids allows kids to be kids whilst still letting them discover and express their personality by choosing their own unique style.

Inspired by the tranquility and happiness of Japanese subculture, we believe that all clothes should be sustainably and ethically made at every stage of the process. But that shouldn’t mean that our children should have to compromise on style, colour and fun.

Kioko unites sustainability with colour and expression, giving your child the chance to enjoy the best of all worlds.


Children should be children, free to express their individuality without having to choose stereotyped colours. Our clothes are based on gender neutral prints and colours which encourage children to find their own unique style and outlook. You will be able to find the same prints in different styles for boys, girls and sometimes women enabling to you to go twinning, and dressing siblings alike.

Our children’s collection gives your child a chance to choose beautiful and colourful clothes which are packed with fun and personality. We believe childhood should be about self discovery and not limited to preconceived ideas of how children should dress and what colours they should wear.

At the moment, our current children’s collection is predominantly for girls but we’re adding more and more boys’ items to collection all the time.

With our range, you can choose sustainably made clothing and still

... dress your kids for a world full of wonder!



Kioko has grown from a love of quality, colour and fashion. Fashion is our passion and after many years as a consultant and business developer for some of the industry’s leading companies, we decided to launch our own brand, Kioko. Our aim is to make every garment as ecologically friendly as possible. The goal is colourful, child centered and sustainable fashion!

    • From our own desire to choose eco-friendly clothing for our own children, we realised that existing eco-ranges, offered either more sportive collections or colour schemes which were rather monochrome.
    • The brands we loved (design and tailoring wise), were either made in Bangladesh, India or China and had no reference to sustainability. With Kioko Kids we want to mix the best of both worlds: colourful, tailored & sustainable!
    • So after 12 years of working in the luxury fashion industry and working as a production manager, e-commerce consultant and strategist for (sustainable) fashion start-ups or SME's (such as bruno Pieters, Honestby, Nehera Prague, purebyluce, ...), we're ready to build our own kids clothing brand.

Read more about our sustainability endeavours here or jump directly to our page about ethical production facilities here.