Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school clothing.

Rudolf Steiner clothing

Did you know our Kioko collection is entirely organic, made with respect for people & planet ánd suitable for waldorf initial clothing guidelines?

So what does it mean Waldorf approved clothing: Basically using only natural living fibres to layer-up so children are always dressed warm enough but with ability to move easily. The use of natural (organically farmed - as there weren't any GMO sheep and over used antibiotics at the time Steiner was alive) wool is nicely insulating and helps adjust your child's temperature without overheating due to e.g. polyester jackets which prevent breathability of the garment.

Raincoats are really great for rainy days though, but shouldn't be worn all year round. 

Kioko offers lot's and lots of lively colours to be mixed & matched or layered throughout seasons for a more sustainable wardrobe.

We also while avoiding overly busy prints or patterns. So the natural inner vision, feelings and imagination of the child can emerge in their creativity. 

American and British waldorf schools literally state this on their websites in regards to prints:

  • Images of any sort, including printed artwork, media inspired characters and oversize lettering
  • Advertisements of any sort for products, movies, teams, etc.
  • Brand logos needs to be smaller than the size of a credit card

In the end, why would we want our children to be a billboard advertising for multi-nationals? 

A new blog about colours, their meaning and their impact on children's development is coming soon. Sign-up to our newsletter if you are eager to know more about it! 

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