Our designs are inspired by the availability of sustainable materials

Compostable buttons on the Kioko clothing

At Kioko we are always on the look-out for the most sustainable options. 

Often our designs are inspired by the materials available. With the option to 3D print in a very eco-friendly plant based material. We were were keen to develop our own buttons for our second collection. 

Our local 3D-printer from Roeselare was keen to work with us to find solutions for more sustainable trims. 

Want to be there when we print? Or design your own button?  

We live 3D-printed buttons in an Open Atelier on April 7thSign-up to our newsletter and know when we will next host an open atelier with 3D-printing. 

So what to do when your garment is worn-out (after multiple hand-downs so siblings)?

Just add your garment to your compost and use this app to follow the composting of your Kioko buttons in your own garden! 

How cool is that? Compostable buttons are a great way to submerge children in the world of conscious fashion choices and let them discover and experience true sustainability. 

In order to let the kids explore we offer a sample of our organic cotton cloth + button which they can compost at home with your Natsutsu jumpsuit order


Want to know more about the base material? 

Discover our Belgian made 3D filament in this video: 

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